Matterlurgy is a collaborative practice by Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright. They work across disciplines and media to create exhibitions, performances, installations and collaborative events. Projects have included Membranes, Muscles and Machines [ICA London] a collaborative laboratory exploring the multiple ways that objects can be reimagined through technology and the body. Radiophony 29 [HIAP Helsinki] a site-specific performance of radiophonic transmission and feedback from an abandoned copper mine. Supersaturation [Bòlit Contemporary Arts Girona] a performative exhibition investigating the political and environmental materialities of sugar. Cabinets of Consequence [UCL London] a reconfiguration of archival materials and interdisciplinary research in response to anthropogenic change, and Geofictions an exhibition installed within Tania Bruguera's 'Office of Useful Art'  [MIMA, Middlesbrough]

Keywords: assemblage, collaboration, mattering, performativity, process