Matterlurgy is a collaborative practice initiated by Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright. They work across disciplines and media to create exhibitions, performances, installations and collaborative events. Projects have included Membranes, Muscles and Machines [ICA London] a collaborative laboratory exploring the multiple ways that objects can be reimagined through technology and the body. Radiophony 29 [HIAP Helsinki] a site-specific performance of radiophonic transmission and feedback from an abandoned copper mine. Supersaturation [Bòlit Contemporary Arts Girona] a performative exhibition investigating the political and environmental materialities of sugar. Cabinets of Consequence [UCL London] a reconfiguration of archival materials and interdisciplinary research in response to anthropogenic change, and Geofictions [MIMA, Middlesbrough] a participatory writing- lab and exhibition space that probed narratives of place, waste and obsolescence. 

Keywords: assemblage, collaboration, mattering, performativity, process