We kept moving; there was no other choice.  Underfoot felt as though time had been composted, its roots were crosshatched with debris and discarded tech. You could read the materiality of the landscape like an archeological ruin, listen to it like a witness (Carlyle & Wright, Liner Notes, 2018).

Part of an ongoing collaboration with Angus Carlyle, Decoys is the first release from multi.modal recordings. The work (side A) diverts Foley (post-production sfx) from its usual naturalisms and propels the listener towards a sense of environmental toxicity, debris, heat and movements of the human or more-than-human. A graphic score was also produced and interpreted for side B by Alison Blunt, Claudia Molitor and Tullis Rennie.

Keywords: after-foley, post-natural, performance, score

Pre order 12 inch vinyl via nmcrec

Performance launch at IKLETIK, Oct 31st