Sound Installations and Performances






Decoys (LP with Angus Carlyle) Forthcoming, Multi Modal, 2018


Ventricles (sound composition) Continent Journal, 2016


Contact Zone 1 (2-channel diffusion) New River Studios, 2016


Contact Zone 1 (wireless headphones) Platform A Gallery, 2015


Contact Zone 2 (single channel installation) IMT Gallery, 2015


Can you Hear Me? (4-channel installation) Meeting House Sq Dublin, 2015


This Little Theory (broadcast) CCA Glasgow, 2015


Out of Hand (2-channel diffusion) New York Public Library, 2014


Tasked to Hear (digital audio/book) Corbel Stone Press, 2014


Bio Critical Incidents (digital download) Sonic Terrain, 2014


Ecstatic Electric (LP) Psyche Tropes, 2014


Peripheral Conversations (2-channel diffusion) Museum of Contemporary Art Rome, 2013


305 Seconds at Sea (wireless headphones) TATE, 2013


A Faint Glimmer (2-channel installation) TATE, 2013


Strata (9-channel installation) Chelsea School of Art and Design, 2013


Come Rain, Hail or Snow (4-channel performance) MK Gallery, 2012


A Line Made by Listening (digital download) Gruenrekorder, 2012


Writing Britain (installation soundscapes) British Library, 2012


Around and Within (CD) Framework Seasonal, 2011


Inanimate Life (CD) Three Leaves, 2011


Re-Hear (broadcast) Flat Time House, 2010


A Quiet Reverie (CD/book) IMT Gallery, 2009/10