I, the  Thing in the Margins

Performance/installation: sound, film, costume, chair, amp, cables

I, the Thing in the Margins presents a chimeric protagonist: a troubling doubling of the archetypal Nature recordist, someone historically self-silenced due to varying claims of ‘non-impact’. From such legacies this Thing persona re-imagines what that marginal identity could be: a cyptoid character, part shadow, part absurd doppelgänger, becoming microphonic, a bipedal assemblage of another I. It is a haunting of the self, it is the self. It is the noise in the signal, a parasitic oscillation reanimated in brute anonymity. We can never be sure if it is dead or alive, sentient or not? Human? Animal? Technological? This Thing terrorises through obfuscation, haunts through absent presence. Its ‘captured’ image [top of page] appropriates frame 352 from the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film and humorously horrifies in its frozen revelation.

Presented at IMT Gallery, London 2015

Funded by  Arts Council England & The Elephant Trust

Exhibition text by Angus Carlyle

ISBN: 978-0-9551449-8-1