A Quiet Reverie

A Quiet Reverie investigates the sonic histories, architectures and surrounding environments of four ruined abbeys in North East England, UK. The work involved extensive research into how silence is ritualised and produced in sacred spaces. Blending field recordings, creative writing and photography, A Quiet Reverie has been presented as an 18 minute audio piece, a multimedia installation, performance and is available in book and CD format. 

Keywords: field recording, hauntology, ritual, silence, site

Presented at Helicotrema, Milan, 2014.

4-channel performance presented at The Swiss Church, London, 2011. 

Broadcast on BBC Radio 3, 2009. 

Awarded the prestigious British Composer of the Year Award, Sonic Arts, in 2009. 

First exhibited at IMT Gallery, London, as part of Audio Forensics, group show, 2008. 

'A skilled and subtle essay in the manipulation of environmental sounds. It is immersive, reflective and a powerful evocation of place and space' (British Composer Award Panel).