30 Minutes of Listening

30 Minutes of Listening was a solo exhibition presented at IMT Gallery, London. The work explored the interrelationship between site and gallery across sound, sculpture, film and text. Reimagining how we listen to and perceive place, the works drew inspiration from a post-industrial site of special scientific interest along the north east coast of England, UK. The exhibition included the following works: Around a panoramic digital film exhibited with site specific materials and speaker cones, In a laser engraved mirror with text, Here and There a split screen film, Above and Below c-type prints and There Are No Signs a HD film. 

Keywords: listening, materiality, performance, site  

Solo exhibition presented at IMT Gallery, London 2012

'Wright is attempting to create materiality out of the slimmest components - a kind of aural graphene that over time can change how we listen' (Cherry Smyth, Art Monthly).

'Wright challenges us not only to think about the actual site, its historical, aesthetic and political reality, but to generate and aesthetic and political consequence in the gallery' (Salomé Voegelin, Wire Magazine).

'In an art world dominated by discourse about looking and visuality Wright's work asks us to think more carefully about sound: its history, its politics, and its particular materiality' (Yvette Greslé, This is Tomorrow).