100,000 BPY

Installation: snare drum, sticks, laser-engraved text

Snare: 1/ A trap for catching birds or mammals, typically with a noose of wire or cord. 2/ A length of wire, gut, or hide stretched across a drumhead to produce a rattling sound.

This work focuses on the cyclical entrapment of nonhumans within the pervasive use of petroleum-based products. A circular text work laser-engraved onto an Evans plastic drumhead draws attention to the entanglement of animals within sounding media and its materials of production. The snare drum, and its words, endeavor to resonate the material and subjective ecologies that extend beyond the object and into a contemporary ethico-politcal milieu, ever en-circled by plastic.

The work is activated by the public if they choose to 'bang the drum' as invited within the text. It is problematising proposition that simultaneously acts as a totemic beat of remembrance and protest whilst also questioning notions of participation. The skin, and its text, will eventually become erased with each beat of the drum.

Until 1956 commercial drum skins were made from animal hides
The plastic drumhead became a more sustainable substitute
Today plastic kills up to 100,000 animals per year
Please bang the drum after reading